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'My dream assignment in Osun State is to restore love, peaceful coexistence, homeliness, economic self-sufficiency and make the state indigenes and residents live as one family immediately I take over the mantle of leadership as the next governor,' the APC governorship aspirant said.
The article begins with a review of the existing literature and adopts the notion of connected homeliness, related to the "situated presence," which is explored as an intersectional approach to the understanding of home.
We are our appearance; our worth (or worthlessness) lies in our beauty or homeliness, our designer shoes or our hand-me-down clothes.
He was playing fluted carols with tinkling runs and bell-like notes and soft lullaby, which had a freshness, a homeliness, a smiling tunefulness, an ineffable radiance and sweetness, such as I have never heard before or since.
I even found out the secret of the homeliness of the menu items: the restaurant's kitchen is run by home cooks teleported from Karnataka.
The heavy wood furniture and drapes lend it a European feel -- it's not your average British pub, but it's got the homeliness. There's football on the many TVs and best of all, a great terrace overlooking Madinat's waters -- just what the Souk needed to shake up the eating scene there.
"Whether it is baking a scone or a loaf of bread, 'Bake Off is very much tied up with the idea of homeliness and cocooning," observes Janice Hadlow, head of BBC2, who sees the show as tapping in to cultural mores in the U.K.
She has popularised the vaguest forms of spiritualism and pseudoscience, and masked a commercial empire behind a faiade of homeliness. Yet she has also set an awe-inspiring standard for philanthropy, founding a school in South Africa and both raising and giving sums in the hundreds of millions to charity.
They created an atmosphere to help the children to do away with homeliness and home sickness.
Comfort in the hotel captures the ambience of homeliness whilst being universal, accessible, climatically responsiveness and allowing the ease of communication," said Jaco Wasserfall, of Jaco Wasserfall Architects Inc, who is in charge of the design of the hotel.
How I loved that room; it was so ordered and peaceful, the epitome of homeliness. I felt sure every day the occupants used cake slices and pickle forks and all the other culinary accoutrements that lay unused in the bottom of our own cutlery drawer.
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