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Mike holidayed at Butlins when he was young, and remembers a camp that had ''all the allure and homeliness |of a maximum security prison''
In stanza four the poem's narrator, Boehme, and the young woman go outdoors to investigate a dog's barking, whereupon, they find, not simply "geese honking, / But Dame Julian of Norwich herself discoursing / On the marvellous courtesy and homeliness of the Maker.
The description of the stage and its players should be read rather simply, "superficially," as a direct transcription of contemporary American political, cultural, and economic life; a scene of "disconcerting ineptitude," dominated by dullness, murkiness, deterioration, unhappiness, immoderation, homeliness, worthlessness, imperfection, and disharmony.
The myth of childhood and homeliness is dissected through the ambiguity of Bambiland and transformed into metaphors of horror.
Divining a character through his response to a Cheez Doodle is surely a domestic way of knowing, but no less insightful for its homeliness.
I love the basic homeliness of Ikea and I love their prints, their rugs and of course their prices
nor should she be, since homeliness goes hand in hand with selfishness, stupidity and evil.
The hour is now to end this pain, my crucified butterfly, my enduring homeliness.
While a greater understanding of the need for safety and a reduction in the risk of falls may seem straightforward, consideration of the needs of older persons for comfort, homeliness, and choice in organizing their surroundings is needed where mats and rugs are concerned.
Icons like Princess Diana and Barbra Streisand are said to have qualities of both beauty and homeliness that match the MTF's situation, in that handsome men often turn into homely women.
His big apple cheeks and mass of blond curls made him the spitting image of Harpo Marx, yet his baby homeliness was somehow cute.
It is traditionally associated with trust and homeliness.