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In a bid to forge a deeper emotional connection with its target audience, the retailer is leveraging the expansive reach of digital platforms to effectively convey the campaign ethos through a 40-second film which will depict the day-to-day delights of homemaking with Home Centre.
(6) Refugees not only struggle with the affective and material components of homemaking, but also must do so within the requirements and realities of the UNHCR's political framework of durable solutions (voluntary repatriation, local integration, and third country resettlement).
How does race and class factor in to radical homemaking?
Partly this is because, as Jim sought to emphasize with the very title, "Homemaking," Bruce helped create the home that the Center is and can therefore never completely be absent from the Center as long as we do the work we do.
Her business focuses on providing nursing, personal support, homemaking and physiotherapy assistance to patients in their homes.
Since 1997, CCACS have been obtaining nursing, medical supplies and equipment, personal support and homemaking, and therapy services using a competitive selection process.
COUNTRYSIDE: In the article "Homemaking tips from 1887," the recipe for curling hair called for oil of organum.
Brini also dishes up numerous, ingeniously simple "Why Didn't You Think of That?" hints and tips, most of which Sander culls from vintage homemaking books.
The verdict could send her to prison and cripple her homemaking empire.
Last night's verdict could send her to prison and cripple the homemaking empire built around her vision of gracious living.
Workingmen should keep to their honorabl e social post as workers, able bodied breadwinners nurtured by wives and mothers dedicated to the craft of homemaking. This would ensure the strength and welfare of the nation, represented as one great family.
They were raised by parents who were committed to full-time jobs outside the home, and they never had learned a lot of the practical homemaking stuff.