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15) In 2009, focus on issues of insulin homeostasis led to proposing an oxygen model of hyperinsulinism.
Dynamic thiol/disulphide homeostasis status has been shown to play critical roles in antioxidant protection, detoxification, signal transduction, apoptosis, regulation of enzymatic activity and transcription factors, and cellular signalling mechanisms.
Protein homeostasis, which is important in oncology, neurodegenerative and other disorders, involves a tightly regulated network of pathways controlling the biogenesis, folding, transport and degradation of proteins.
This discovery suggests that autophagy has to be finely controlled in surrounding tissues to ensure germline cell homeostasis.
The function of the glucose-sensing neurons in the brain is basically to regulate and maintain glucose homeostasis.
One of the major concerns in topical therapies for psoriasis, especially in patients with widespread disease, is the potential for not only topical adverse effects (AEs), such as irritation and atrophy, but also systemic AEs, such as adrenal suppression with topical steroids and calcium homeostasis with the use of Vitamin D3 compounds.
Both firms signed a collaboration agreement in April 2013 to discover, develop and commercialise drug candidates to regulate protein homeostasis targets.
Homeostasis Labs has identified the rapidly expanding population of people with diabetes, as well as the non-diabetic population, as target markets.
Lipigenine, a flax seed extract, was designed to help the skin optimize lipidic homeostasis by boosting the synthesis of stratum corneum intercellular lipids (e.
Hence, the primary objective of this study was to determine the relationship between malnutrition and iron homeostasis in black-necked swans.
Loss of osseous homeostasis is known to be associated with advanced degenerative joint disease.
Nasdaq: MLNM) and Harvard Medical School's Office of Technology Development have announced an innovative collaboration agreement to pursue a research program in the area of protein homeostasis, an emerging and expanding field of cancer biology.