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HOME PORT. The port where the owner of a ship resides; this is a relative term.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Summary: Dubai has welcomed India's first premium cruise liner, 'Karnika' by Jalesh Cruises, to Mina Rashid as it homeports in Dubai for the season....
NAVSUP FLC Norfolk is also responsible for the fuel that ships and aircraft need to sortie from their homeport. According to Fuels Department Director, Kevin Henderson, his department provided more than four million gallons of F-76 fuel for ships and approximately one million gallons JP-5 to departing aircraft.
Holidaymakers were in for a festive treat, with SuperStar Virgo, the flagship of Star Cruises announcing her return to well-loved Manila homeport in December with holiday concept cruises.
Makaka-pagcoordinate tayo sa Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) pero by and large wala talaga siyang homeport na tinatawag (We have national power there, at Pier 13.
The proposal includes marine and terminal facilities, homeport and port-of-call operations, an expanded harbor offering dining, shopping, entertainment and maritime recreation, and walkable esplanades and plazas.
Celebrity Cruises will be the first major cruise line in the world to homeport out of Dublin next year as Celebrity Eclipse will offer a mini season beginning April 30 through to June 7, 2018.
Mayor Bill de Blasio visited the project site recently to announce that the pier will be the homeport for the new East River Citywide Ferry service, to be accompanied by 200 new jobs.