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HOME PORT. The port where the owner of a ship resides; this is a relative term.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Christened in an official naming ceremony in Mumbai, India last month, 'Karnika' is Jalesh Cruises's first liner to homeport in the region, marking a significant milestone for both the Indian domestic and international cruise industry.
Royal Caribbean returns to New Orleans in December to homeport the Vision of theSeas, a 2,050-passenger ship.
Switching ships around in this way, bringing new ships to existing homeports, gives repeat customers a new option and also attracts first-time cruisers, giving them "another reason to give us a try," Thornton said.
The Navy's decision is to implement the preferred alternative, which is to homeport a single nuclear powered aircraft carrier (CVN) at Naval Station (NAVSTA) Mayport, and to complete associated infrastructure modifications.
The line will sail eight ships on itineraries ranging in length from four to 14 nights out of five homeports. Firsts in the season include the deployment of four Solstice-class ships to sail in the Caribbean, as well as the availability of four- and five-night Caribbean cruises on the Celebrity Millennium.
Celebrity ships will sail from six homeports and spend overnight port calls in eight ports.
Being stationed aboard this forward-deployed submarine tender is a heavy burden, especially when the ships you repair play critical roles much of the time in operations halfway around the globe, and steaming back to stateside homeports is not an option.
homeports, including the line's first departures from Philadelphia and Baltimore.