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Trends of homicidal Deaths at a Tertiary Care Centre Bengaluru.
Personal enmity or revenge was the major motive behind the homicidal act (20.
first look at Harry actor to have a go at playing the deaf, tap-dancing, homicidal, off-licence robbing son of Phil Mitchell.
Homicidal crimes represent a reasonable proxy for all kinds of violent crimes in general and as all other violent crimes are not been recorded or notified by the system, homicide can be considered the 'tip of the violence iceberg'.
Background: The frequency and pattern of homicidal firearm injuries in various regions of Pakistan has largely gone unreported.
They found that 22 per cent of the 615 homicidal deaths were among people with mental disorders.
I'll be on the Homicidal Seagull Diet until further notice.
As long as I'm paying the wages of Dermot, Jen and Brendan, I feel much less homicidal about the fact I'm also paying for Ryan Tubridy.
In this latest instalment of the sketch show, Jonathan Ross presents Northern Relief Night, while silly old drunk Gerald feels a bit of a goof after some homicidal pranks.
The octogenarian woman was killed in a homicidal act in al-Thawra neighborhood, western Mosul," the source told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.
A highly contagious virus spreads across the country, locking its victims into a permanent state of homicidal rage, four lucky mortals who have so far escaped infection have to fight off the deranged hordes.
At times, you could use the adjective homicidal with some of the decisions that came out of the Motor City; homicidal to the driving public and to the automotive rubber product manufacturers.