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This large national cohort study found that people with mental disorders, including those with substance use disorders, personality disorders, depression, anxiety disorders, or schizophrenia, had greatly increased vulnerability to homicidal death," the researchers said.
Hikiji's vehicular assault that turned homicidal comes two years after another autoworker went on a deadly assault in the middle of Tokyo.
Quoting from the report by the government's chief pathologist at Goa Medical College, Mr Varma said Scarlett died after her head was "submerged in water for five to 10 minutes" and "consistent with a picture of homicidal drowning in shallow waters", the report said.
Her death was "consistent with a picture of homicidal drowning in shallow waters", the report said.
The fourth edition of the textbook adds sections on homicidal liability for deaths resulting from the transmission of AIDS and preemptive self-defense as a justification for invading Iraq.
Last seen as the homicidal top cop in comedy Hot Fuzz, the veteran is jetting out to join Harrison Ford & Co.
Elizabeth Bowler an Army reservist psychiatrist who took over the Combat Stress Team in January--recommended Green's discharge her final evaluation stated: "Green exhibited no traits that would indicate dangerously erratic or homicidal moods.
Our protagonists are a retired bullfighter (Banderas) who masturbate while watching gory Italian horror movies and a terminally chic, homicidal lawyer (Assumpta Serna) who can achieve orgasm only by killing her sex partners.
This understandably creeps some damsels out, and once he unintentionally kills one while trying to stifle her screams, it's not too much of a leap to a mad rampage of homicidal girl-grabbings.
As used in the military today, group therapy for at-risk personnel has the primary goals of decreasing suicidal and homicidal ideations and increasing soldiers' coping skills.
Chapters examine the annihilation of books and libraries as tactic of political or ethnic protest, and move on to explore the execution and aftermath of libricidal, homicidal, and genocidal conflicts in Germany, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, India, and more.
The still grieving Alex Cross has the chance to capture the homicidal psychopath responsible for the murder of his wife Maria.