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genuinely, homicidally in a rage like the great murderers of history--like Himmler or Hitler or Stalin or Goebbels.
From Carson's womanizing father and homicidally unbalanced mother to a drug-dealing rapist, her fundamental honesty spares no one.
There he is recruited to join the illegal and homicidally brutal football team, with the chance of a reduced sentence if they win--and the likelihood of being eaten by polar bears if they lose.
However, the Founding Fathers never envisioned unfettered, unlimited access to firearms for all comers, including homicidally disturbed individuals.
Homicidally aggressive young children: neuropsychiatric and experimental correlates.
While we never see any of them engaged in any actual work, we do see Bateman using his office to watch "Jeopardy", listen to music on his headset and fill crossword blanks with homicidally obsessive words.
First there's a former one-night stand who's homicidally obsessed with him and sets out to wreck the nuptials; there's the prospective father-in-law Richard Cook (Geoffrey Whitehead), a judge who doesn't think much of his daughter's chosen; prospective mother-in-law Angela Cook (Alison Steadman) who's obsessed with the minutiae while everyone else is worried about the big picture, and Ron and Trish (Jon Benfield and Lizzie Roper), Howard's embarrassment of a father and his partner, a stripper.
We live today in a world in which it seems evident that the first homicidally inclined psychopath to set off a true weapon of mass destruction will be serenely confident of being transported straight to heaven as a reward.
The next minute, he's a homicidally angry teen-ager, a theatrical Kip Kinkel.
In a series of two-hander exchanges, John meets a parade of locals, starting with the neurotic night manager at his Hawaiian-themed motel (Jon Cries); down-to-earth bar owner Stella (Daryl Hannah); homicidally jealous Randy (Adam Beach) whose smothering love for young Ruthie (Rachael Leigh Cook) is driving her away; paranoid UFO nutcase Dan (Brent Briscoe); and busy hooker Candy (Melora Walters).