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the same fragments at Mathew, Marcus, Luca, John); the analysis word by word of the evangelical pericope and the discovery of the homiletic landmarks; the uttering of the theme (only in the thematic preach's case) and the structuring of an interpretative plan; the exhaustive documentation (biblical, from the liturgical tradition of Church, biblical commentaries, works of biblical exegesis, modern bibliography); the personal contribution (the resonance of the word, meditation, pray); the setting up of the homily (following the interpretative logics and looking for the meeting points between the Bible and life); the free exposition of the homily (eventually with a plan of ideas).
Although, for example, Marilynn Robinson's Gilead is narrated by an homilist meditating on theology and homiletic (and often quoting from his own and others' sermons), it is not, because of its literary treatment of its theological and Christian pastoral themes, a homiletic novel.
But Jackson is not a social or cultural historian, so it would be unfortunate if scholars of American religion dismissed his work merely because he does not adequately prove the links he draws between social reform and homiletic literature.
Uta Pohl-Patalog points to a remarkable similarity between the midrashic approach and modern homiletic models, especially that of the Bibliolog, which is closely related to and for a considerable part based on the theory of reader-response criticism.
It focuses on George Peele's The Battle of Alcazar, Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus, and Thomas Dekker's Lust's Dominion, examining the increased discursive contact between blacks (found especially in travel narratives) and England's homiletic traditions.
By focusing attention on pedagogical and homiletic texts rather than on polemical pamphlets, Teaching the Reformation fills out a scholarly picture of the social, political, and ecclesiological complexities involved in transmitting the Protestant Reformation from the academy to the clergy and, ultimately, to the evangelical parishioner.
This signals the genesis of the search for an alternative Philemon homiletic.
Mixing marquee names (Liam Neeson, Kristin Chenoweth and Vanessa Williams) and scriptural passages, this homiletic book assays 10 "elements of the universal spiritual life," such as faith, ritual, self-knowledge, transformation, listening and the phenomenon of being present--or, in actors' jargon, being "in the moment.
Before considering how homiletic rhetoric influenced Milton, Lares thinks it important to consider Milton's biography as it relates to his early intention to become a minister.
Taylor's sermons use modern homiletic theory as well as styles of the African-American and nineteenth-century backgrounds.
This will be helpful to exilic preachers as they seek to develop a relevant theology and homiletic for their exilic context.
Considering her strong religious background, it is surprising that critics have done so little in ways of tying in Rowson's unmistakably homiletic narrative intrusions to the strong Puritan sentiment prevalent in the 1790s.