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We began this essay with a version of the question that drove Newbigin for the latter part of his life: what is involved homiletically in a genuinely missionary encounter between the gospel and Western culture?
The phrase "all authority has been given to me" may be an interesting one to unpack homiletically on Trinity Sunday.
In his comment on Genesis 37:35, Rashi says that the plain meaning of Sheol is "grave", and that homiletically it is Gehinnom.
Niedner teaches biblical studies in Valparaiso University's Department of Theology and offers homiletically oriented text studies at Valparaiso's annual Institute of Liturgical Studies.
One might homiletically suggest that when the Creator completed His work and blessed it (Gen.
It has meant that the studies appearing here, even in the section that I have called "Pastoral Reflections," fail to reflect pastorally and homiletically on the news of the day.
Of course, it is perfectly acceptable, even desirable, to interpret Torah in the spirit of pardes; that is, peshat, remez, derash and sod - literally, allegorically, homiletically, and mystically.