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Examples of techniques that can aid in online teaching-not simply in homiletics courses, but in cross-disciplinary contexts as well-will be addressed.
By focusing attention on pedagogical and homiletic texts rather than on polemical pamphlets, Teaching the Reformation fills out a scholarly picture of the social, political, and ecclesiological complexities involved in transmitting the Protestant Reformation from the academy to the clergy and, ultimately, to the evangelical parishioner.
It offers books on spirituality, liturgy and worship, prayer, the Bible, theology, ethics, Christian education, homiletics, parish administration, and contemporary social issues.
Obviously, these are aggadic or midrashic sources, which means they are in the realm of homiletics and theological fancy.
while "online religion" refers to material that "invites the visitor to participate in the religious dimension of life via the Web; liturgy, prayer, ritual, meditation, and homiletics come together and function with the e-space itself acting as church, temple, synagogue, mosque, and grove" (Hadden and Cowan 2000a: 9).
That is so because hermeneutics takes the Bible as its original text and, like the closely related field of homiletics, has an evolutionary interpretive horizon of considerable importance.
The narrator's repetitions of "a slow-to-anger-people" (275-77) may recall the politics and homiletics of Herndon's article, which builds to: "Still do you say .
lies in the other subject he taught in Berlin: homiletics, preaching, and how to do it.
In his third and final assessment, Dickey concludes that "the poet's orientation is land--and home--and family-based, and his primary art is also that of his homeland's religion--of Southern gospel music and homiletics .
He displays the conventional, sunny-minded homiletics of Victorian domesticity in John Muir's depictions of wilderness as a comfortable "home," as well as the Calvinist remonstrances against fallen Man in Muir's distaste for human uncleanliness and urban degradation.
Barefoot Homiletics, After Wittgenstein and Boswell
We would hope it would support research topics on Marian devotions, Marian culture, Marian homiletics,'' Thompson said, although he hastened to add that it had a more public purpose, too.