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Some of Archbishop Villegas' concise but felt homilies have been compiled in book form, so readers can peruse and appreciate them for themselves.
That made the station, which also broadcast information from the homilies later in the week, a recurring target of the military, which jammed its signal and bombed its offices.
The author also examines three characteristically Hildegardian themes in the Expositiones--her concept of salvation history, the 'virtues', and heresy--to situate the homilies within the context of her life and work.
Taking into account what his contemporaries declared, Origen interpreted almost the whole Holy Scripture (The Old and the New Testament) in more than 1000 homilies, commentaries and scholiums.
15) Cross also showed correspondences between the Latin text and AElfric's First Series Palm Sunday homily, his "Passio Sancti Mauricii" from the Lives of Saints, Blickling Homilies 10 and 14, and the Old English Martyrology.
The work comprises fifty-eight homilies on twenty-seven lections from the gospels, most of which she probably delivered to her sisters in the chapter house at the Rupertsberg monastery over many years and which apparently elude precise dating, with the exception of four that were presented instead at Disibodenberg around 1170.
This is what Ian Robinson, with the encouragement of the Reverend Peter Toon and the joint venture of Brynmill Press and Preservation Press of the Prayer Book Society USA, has done in republishing the Homilies for the first time since 1859.
One of the most challenging problems facing lexical semantics of old texts, like Old English homilies, is to explain how unspecified meanings are "controlled" allowing the proper senses to be selected and deployed to achieve successful goals.
Perhaps such readers were less disappointed than Spenser anticipated, for Mallette finds characters -- both major and minor, positive and unsympathetic -- delivering homilies throughout the poem.
Children, alone or in pairs, illustrate homilies about learning and dissipation with the same geometric gravity.
In these homilies, Shapira develops themes and wrestles with theodicy.