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Vos inquam is a relentless harangue in which the doubts and aspersions of the Jews are placed in their mouths by the homilist himself; Legimus sanctum Moysen, on the other hand, allows the Jew (that is, Jewry) to speak.
To break this impression, homilists might move from the parable proper, which ends in v.
Perhaps part of the residue of religious mis-education in the Roman Catholic tradition manifests itself in first, the inability to make use of even a minimum of what exegetical scholarship can already offer homilists, and second, the tendency to gravely moralize without providing the benefit of the Good News that God has loved us first and because of that our "righteousness exceeds that of the scribes and Pharisees" (Mt.
But when contrasting the characteristic attractions of the diabolic and the divine, the homilist contributed the opposition of books and harp on his own.
These textual samples show that it was a hard task for a homilist to give in his own language clear-cut equivalents of foreign words with their semantic underspecification no matter how well he knew the source language.
The homilist must have been sufficiently worried by the numbers of abortions or infanticides to make it the only addition to his source.
San Pablo Bishop Buenaventura Famadico served as the homilist during the Eucharistic celebration which was attended by Papal Nuncio Archbishop Gabrielle Giordano Caccia, Capiz Archbishop Jose Advincula, Pasig Bishop Mylo Hubert Vergara, Lucena Bishop Mel Rey Uy, more than 2,000 priests, nuns, government officials, and laypeople.
On June 10 at my parish, the homilist failed to indicate that the Yahwistic story of "the fall" is a myth, mentioned Adam and Eve's disobedience and original sin as a historical happening, and referenced "paradise" as lost to humanity by that sin--"ole time religion" to be sure.
During the Mass held to show support for Vice President Leni Robredo on the first day of the vote recount in relation to the electoral protest filed by losing candidate Bongbong Marcos, the homilist Fr.
He says his pastor, Father Drew Wood, is a gifted homilist, and that's what people want.
The first chapter sketches the state of the question and discusses Augustine's development and work as a homilist, the various approaches to the dating of the sermons, the history of the Pelagian controversy, and a discussion of the evolution of Augustine's thought on grace.
Elliott, "the homilist reminded the congregation that Warren had wanted nothing more than to live with a committed same-sex partner, but unwilling to depart from our church's official policy, he had lived a single and lonely life."