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For her part, De Lima was thankful for the "powerful" message of Villegas's homily.
Harlan ended his homily on a note of instruction for the worshippers, saying, "Let that light shine in our words and our actions in our love for every human being.
The homily is parsing the verse, dividing it up into small units, each with its own meaning: "the rash--pure," "that has broken out--pure," and then the two occurrences of "it is," [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], which are read as demonstratives limiting the purity of the rash to the rash itself and leprosy which protruded from it or which it might have touched.
17, 1980, homily, urging Carter to stop sending aid to the junta, given the drastic level of human rights abuses by the military
In this primary interpretation, the homily identifies with the exegetic homily.
Pope Francis sounded tired, as he spoke for about 15 minutes in his homily during Palm Sunday Mass, which solemnly opens Holy Week for the Roman Catholic Church.
Interestingly, Pope Francis began his homily with a denunciation of the "blasphemy" of killing in the name of God--a sin only a believer can commit.
In his homily, Francis, 76, who was elected earlier this month, said Christian joy "isn't born from possessing a lot of things but from having met Jesus".
In 1709, Elizabeth Elstob punished her edition of AElfric's homily on St.
Father Gionet complains that he was not even given a chance to defend himself and show his homily notes.
This collection of essays certainly provides a valuable platform from which scholarship on the Anglo-Saxon homily can continue to build.
Arlington, Virginia, Bishop Paul Loverde's eloquent homily roused them to wakefulness and even greater determination to be the generation that brings about the end of abortion in America.