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Gellius saith, Hominem delirum, qui verborum minutiis rerum frangit pondera.
The supposition is of course preposterous; and I might answer by the argumentum ad hominem, and ask what should be done if a perfect kangaroo were seen to come out of the womb of a bear?
Presidential spokesman Harry Roque, in a press briefing in Alimodian, Iloilo, acknowledged that the recommendation to classify Corpuz as terrorist because of alleged links to local communists prompted Zeid's harsh language which he referred to as ad hominem and an affront to sovereignty.
Indeed, when the guilty is put on the defensive, they resort to ad hominem tirades and outright bullying.
I am greatly offended by your continuous ad hominem attacks on President Trump and his administration.
Since more than a year ago, an army of trolls, together with Malacanang's 'Department of Interpretation and Explanation' or DIE and some government officials who have regularly joined in their chorus of lies, have been waging a war of deception against our people with their alternative truths, fake news and ad hominem arguments being thrown at anyone who opposes the objectionable policies of the current administration.
16) from John Feroldi as a classic example of ad hominem argument.
Ad hominem arguments in favor of abortion usually criticize pro-life people's gender, motivations, or consistency.
Ad hominem attacks against opposing counsel are uncalled for and unprofessional.
Featuring Far-Left Provocateur, Islamophiliac, NCAC Communication Director Peter Hart (The ad hominem is a knee-jerk ricochet.
El joven de 24 anos, y de 1'89 mts de estatura es muy conocido por haber sido imagen de Tom Ford, Benetton, Tommy Hilfiger, Intimissimi, Mango y Hominem, y por haber desfilado para Giorgio Armani en Milan.
MIAMI - The Republican presidential hopefuls were on their best behavior at Thursday night's debate, with almost no insults, ad hominem attacks, mockery or commentary about candidate appendages.