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There is also the family of the lesser apes - Hylobatidae - that includes various species of gibbons, and all of them together are hominoids or apes.
In this survey it is not possible to collect all the informal words and formal words used by the public and on considering this hominoid approach is made and possibilities of updating the DB file is made on proposed system.
Of these, 28% are from the period of the early eutherian radiation and 53% arose during the evolution of the simian lineage into the hominoid lineage.
The Stanford-JPL hand is a mechanism constituted of three modular fingers that has not been designed for hominoid ends, but rather and mainly for handling purposes.
Further, as depicted in the article, the 'V' allele diverged to 'I' or 'V' in the Hominoid clade, suggesting a dynamic evolutionary history of the 474th amino acid.
Nondestructive imaging of hominoid dental microstructure using phase contrast X-ray synchrotron microtomography.
Actually, they not only present mirror neurons, but also those spindle cells, or von Economo neurons, that are thought to process social emotions and play an important role in empathy and intuitions about the feelings of others, and that had previously been considered a prerogative of the hominoid line.
Until now it was not clear at what point in hominoid or hominid evolution this stage evolved.
In 30 essays, sociology, anthropology, and other scholars from around the world discuss migration and schooling, diabetes risk, language, biological markers, and religion; the meaning, place, and role of remittances for migrants and their households and communities; phenomenological approaches in anthropology; patterns of hallucinations; the evolution of language and tool use; and the evolution from hominoid to hominid mind.
Helmuth (HOMO, a journal of comparative human biology, 1999) refers to "new calculations of Hominoid maximum lifespan potentials" and gives a lifespan potential of 70 to 75 years for Homo erectus, the human species for about 1.