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HOMO. This Latin word, in its most enlarged sense, includes both man and woman. 2 Inst. 45. Vide Man.

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Arizona State's William Kimbel, an author of the paper, said it's not clear whether the fossil came from a known early species of Homo or whether it reveals a new one.
The AKP has simply continued this practice by only adding its own Homo Islamistus media owners and elite to the picture.
Leslie Aiello, president of the Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research, said that the data suggested that species of early Homo were more flexible in their dietary choices than other species, while the team also concluded that this flexibility likely enhanced the ability of human ancestors to successfully adapt to unstable environments and disperse from Africa.
She said that having five skulls allows the team to compare variation within the Dmanisi group which provides two conclusions: "Firstly, the Dmanisi individuals all belong to a population of a single early Homo species.
3 HOMO REALITYTVTWITIS: Type of human that's so advanced, she doesn't need to get involved in any form of hunting or gathering to sustain itself.
But Homo sapiens later adopted "blades" which were Aakes with parallel edges twice as long as wide.
Each of these beautiful women star in the highly anticipated feature film release, National Lampoon's Homo Erectus, adding heat to this prehistoric plot and reminding us that primitive kicks prim and proper's ass any day.
Proclaiming a requiem for homo economicus is more than just clever rhetoric.
The evidence suggests two Homo species believed to be direct ancestors of modern humans may not have been related.
The heaviest concentration of homo haunts straddles the blocks on either side of Duval Street in Old Town, but with oodles of us all around, Key West is virtually one big gay zone.
They belonged to a human ancestor known as Homo erectus.