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But changes in the business environment, such as more women in management and the globalization of businesses, have made it more complex, though not impossible, to leverage homogeneity within a workplace.
How the spectre of societal homogeneity undermines equitable healthcare for refugees: Comment on "Defining and acting on global health: the case of Japan and the refugee crisis.
3 that exceeds the homogeneity scale of the R-W concordance cosmology.
Although laudable, this does create some boundaries for what is realistically attainable in terms of homogeneity.
This paper therefore deals with the study and evaluation of homogeneity of SAR distribution in cylindrical agar phantom for several different values of its radius.
Using 2000 census-tract data from California, this paper shows that indices of racial and educational attainment homogeneity are correlated with support for the public provision of environmental goods, even after controlling for political ideology, voter turnout, and the distribution of benefits and costs across census tracts.
The value of average coefficient of homogeneity indicates homogeneity in the initial testing and lack of homogeneity in the final.
First, these prior studies evaluate industry homogeneity using measures (ratios and prices) that result from accounting variables.
Functional T is shift invariant (2) with abscissa homogeneity property (4)
Curacao, Netherlands) has patented a method for improving homogeneity and/or secretion of a recombinant protein of interest expressed in mammalian cells by replacing the endogenous signal peptide sequence of the DNA encoding the protein of interest with that of human hGH.
This extremely compact, self-cleaning head can be throttled to improve homogeneity of hard-to-mix compounds.