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From one end to the other, it was homogeneous and compact.
It was not then merely a handsome city; it was a homogeneous city, an architectural and historical product of the Middle Ages, a chronicle in stone.
Now he is not homogeneous, but heterogeneous, and the ray does not traverse; there are no thorough lights, but the eye of the beholder is puzzled, detecting many unlike tendencies and a life not yet at one.
21,885 m 2 pvc flooring, Homogeneous, D 2 mm, Laid trough-shaped, - approx.
In environmental sciences, use of one kind of data from different sites to form homogeneous regions from these sites with respect to some common hydrological and geographical features and further to estimate the suitable frequency distribution of these homogenous regions gives shape to RFA (Hosking and Wallis, 1997).
Flowing water from a tap feels like a homogeneous medium - it is impossible to distinguish between the individual water molecules.
This monograph studies tempered homogeneous quasi-Banach spaces in the framework of a Schwartz space of all complex-valued rapidly decreasing infinitely differentiable functions on Euclidean n-space paired with a space of all tempered distributions on Euclidean n-space.
In the block-based algorithms, the image is partitioned into a sequence of blocks, and the noise level is estimated by calculating the weighted noise level, namely, the average of the noise levels of the most homogeneous blocks [5][6][7].
He said the solution appears in the standard form as the sum of the solution of the equivalent homogeneous problem and the particular solution of the inhomogeneous problem at hand.
In essence, such an experiment represents a two-dimensional analog of a classical problem of scattering from a homogeneous sphere (Mie scattering), the solution to which is known for almost a century.
The research method involves collaborative learning and introduces learning styles to group students with the same learning styles into homogeneous groups, and others with different learning styles into heterogeneous groups.
AMID the ongoing controversy over Right- wing organisations' Hindutva agenda, Vice- President Hamid Ansari expressed caution against propagating a homogeneous national identity in the context of the country being home to over 4,600 different communities.