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From one end to the other, it was homogeneous and compact.
It was not then merely a handsome city; it was a homogeneous city, an architectural and historical product of the Middle Ages, a chronicle in stone.
Servant, too, of the mightiest homogeneous mass of mankind with a capability for logical, guided development in a brotherly solidarity of force and aim such as the world had never dreamt of.
Now he is not homogeneous, but heterogeneous, and the ray does not traverse; there are no thorough lights, but the eye of the beholder is puzzled, detecting many unlike tendencies and a life not yet at one.
If [GAMMA] acts on a homogeneous space G/H properly discontinuously and freely, then the double coset space [GAMMA]\G/H has a natural manifold structure.
In the horizontal space, the majority of development has been done by the major developers, which is why there has been greater levels of homogeneous developments.
THIS is apropos the letter 'Whither education' (April 19).While criticising Pakistan's education system, the writer asks: 'How can we promote homogeneous thinking under such circumstances?' My answer is, why on earth does he want to promote homogeneous thinking in Pakistan, a democratic and pluralistic country?
Let (M, g) be a homogeneous Riemannian manifold, i.e.
In environmental sciences, use of one kind of data from different sites to form homogeneous regions from these sites with respect to some common hydrological and geographical features and further to estimate the suitable frequency distribution of these homogenous regions gives shape to RFA (Hosking and Wallis, 1997).
For switched nonlinear systems, it has not been used by homogeneous domination control approach to the best of our knowledge.
It was proved that results similar to those of the unit ball hold for projective spaces, but in this case the symbols that yield commutative [C.sup.*]-algebras are those that depend only on the radial part of the homogeneous coordinates.