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Presence of fat in homogenized milk may have resulted in reduced motility after storage of semen at refrigerated temperature (Kumar et al.
Martin had a word against the use of homogenized milk, as per the work of cardiologist Kurt Oster, MD, of Fairfield University (December 2003).
Stremicks Heritage Foods yesterday said it received the "#1 Tasting Organic Milk in America" award from the organization American Masters of Taste, because of its "superior taste in each of its varieties -- Reduced Fat 2%, Low Fat 1%, Fat Free and Whole Milk Homogenized Milk.
Homogenized milk Milk that has been processed so that the milkfat is distributed throughout the milk and does not separate.
This was in the days before homogenized milk, and so at the top of each bottle there were three or four inches of pure cream.
Such benefits cited by the respondents were an absence of the chemicals contained in homogenized milk, improved amino acid content, better intestinal absorption, and greater vitamin and mineral content.