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In searching GenBank, homologs of BmARM-like protein were found in many insects, including Papilio xuthus (KPI94899.
Currently, the discriminative methods are the only strategy that is being used to detect remote homologs.
Therefore, this homolog showed the smallest genetic distance and the closest genetic relationship of all the CONSTANS homologs.
1] and its homologs, Section II-aspartic peptidases: pepsin, nepenthesin and their homologs, Section III-glutamic peptidases: aspergilloglutamic peptidase and its homologs and Section IV-serine-carboxyl peptidases: physarolisins I and II and their homologs.
A homolog to one of these receptors, scavenger receptor B/CD36, is upregulated in symbiotic A.
Should a p80 homolog be present in plants, it might be involved in microtubule organization, and help to define the microtubule organizing center in plants.
We identified a 120 kD KCBP homolog in immunoblots of extracted spruce pollen tube proteins.
4 mm; coxal sutures absent; trochanters with 7-10 sensilla, secondary homolog of T[R.
The human homolog of insect-derived growth factor, CECR1, is a candidate gene for features of cat eye syndrome.
In addition, a third FAD3 homolog was identified which was closely related to the original soybean microsomal omega-3 fatty-acid desaturase sequence.
The MALDI-TOF MS results were successful at identifying two proteins: an endo-1,4-2-gluconase homolog (BAB95553) and a hypothetical protein (BAB96202).