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Homological socioeconomic conditions involving widespread poverty should justify the textual comparisons between Ruzante and Shakespeare attempted here.
If it is true that written signs and experiential "immenseness" do not always find ready adequation, the "ecstasy of trees" (for example) provides a constant incentive for the poet's own equivalent, homological "fermentation du signe.
The subject area is an innovative blend of group theory, homological algebra, topology, geometry, number theory and computer science.
The speakers introduce the mapping class group of a surface, geometric aspects of Teichmuller theory, homological stability, the Madsen-Weiss theorem, Weil-Petersson volumes of moduli spaces of bordered Riemann surfaces, Teichmuller curves, and arithmetic fundamental groups.
As an example of the usefulness of homological techniques, suppose that HHd_1(E; Z) is purely torsion (a frequent case).
However, it may be prudent to heed Simon Gikandi's suggestion here that "there is no reason to suppose that the global flow in images has a homological connection to transformations in social and cultural relationships (632)" and to consider the level of (hopeful) fantasy involved in assessing the nonetheless socially and politically accurate circumstances and characterizations depicted in a film like Flores.
The treatment of physical and mathematical aspects of Dirichlet branes is organized around Kontsevich's homological mirror symmetry conjecture, and the Strominger-Yau-Zaslo conjecture.
k](M, Z) are 'groups of cycles of differing dimensions' which contribute to an overall characteristic of the space, namely its homological structure.
Eve Kiosk Sedgwick's comments on the fluidity or slipperiness of the homosexual and the homological for women inform my reading, as does her discussion of how this same "slippage" is comparably problematic for men.
This leads to conflicts of homological interpretation, which are only resolved by a dynamic approach of morphology.
They neither further encode nor decode the lush signs milling about us but rather stand in homological relation to them, opaque yet transparent gestures offered, like Le Dantec's flashing intermittences, "en pleine-clarte.
Ada and / or fdi homological or other equivalent standard.