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Homological comparisons--between copyright and other areas--serve
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Key words and phrases : injective word, homological stability, wreath-product group.
Since all the possible off-target homological regions bear a substring of length 7 that has an exact match with the siRNA sequence, it is reasonable to perform the Smith-Waterman alignment only on the regions that have an exact match with at least one substring of the siRNA sequence.
At times, as in the case of Mallarme or Roussel, the homological rubric lacks the force of intentionality but works as an enabling hermeneutic tool.
Just as observable physical properties show relations of homological identity, nonobservable inner properties presumably show the same relationships and can be considered true homologies.
The homological problem, hence a problem of social measurement, inherent in this approach is the assumption that aggregate data based on administratively defined neighborhoods are an accurate and adequate representation of the "true" neighborhood (Coulton, 2005; Coulton et al.
23) As these moments suggest, earth and human emerge in the plays, under the force of homological thinking, as creations twinned in anatomy (veins, wombs, blood), affections (sorrow, revenge), and physical states (thirst, hunger, and distemperance).
They provide homological proofs for a number of them, modifying the original proofs that involve simplicial methods, so they use only lower dimensional homology modules that they can introduce in an ad hoc manner, thus avoiding simplicial theory altogether.
More recently, similar ideas have been re-proposed by Persistent Homology according to a homological approach (Edelsbrunner et al.
To recall Ferruccio Rossi-Landi (1985, 1992) and his distinction between analogy, isomorphism and homology, the icon involves homological similarity which is structural and/or genetic.