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Reyes, "Some homological properties of skew PBW extensions," Comm.
Homological comparisons--between copyright and other areas--serve
Hence, one needs to check R(X, [epsilon]) for different values to get a satisfactory level of homological information.
Nevertheless, this is the first reported case of a natural coding sequence being homological to an aptamer which was originally developed against the protein produced by the same organism.
Homological Theory is a veritable buffet of mental associations contained in one piece.
Stammbach, A Course in Homological Algebra, Springer, Berlin, Germany, 1971.
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Exclusion criteria: heart failure (EFless than 50%), cardiomyopathy, severe valvular heart disease, immune disease, cerebrovascular diseases causing hemiplegia, homological diseases, severe liver disease, renal failure and cancers.
As Smith and Alexander (2005: 26) have pointed out, Durkheim's homological understanding of religious life and social organization allowed him to acknowledge the power and compulsion of both religious and social symbols in modern social life, the transformation of value conflicts into an agonic struggle between the sacred and the profane, the systematic movement of actors away from pollution and towards purity, and the lasting power of ritual within modern societies.
Thus, an assessment of the substantive validity of McGregor's (1960) theorizing should entail examining a Homological network where managerial X/Y attitudes lead to the enactment of managerial X/Y behaviors, which in turn, affect both individual- and workgroup-level performance.
As Stephen West has put it, "shi [official history] is a form of tautology bounded by homological rules of genre," confirming "a pre-existent conclusion already in play about the value and shape of those incidents." (6) The expansion of biographies for women indicates historians' increasing emphasis on gender as a fundamental ideological dimension: royal consorts constituted indispensible links in the imperial lineage, while exemplary women embodied ideal female virtues.
When there are a maximum of two mismatches, no matter where the possible two mismatches are, at least one third of the siRNA sequence must have an exact match with the homological region.