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Unsurprisingly, the Basic Local Alignment Search Tool (BLAST) has been used to identify possible unintended homologous regions for siRNA candidates [1,13,17], BLAST, although extremely fast, is not the best algorithm designed for this type of task since it overlooks significant sequence homologies [15,24,27].
His proposed homologies and names are still used today to describe palpal diversity.
All recent serotine bat specimens clustered with genotype 5 (EBLV1) sequences, and homologies within subgenotypes EBLV1a and EBLV1b were 99.
Unfortunately, with this approach, only around 50 percent of possible homologies are identified (Park et al.
states that "it can thus be concluded from the low pairing frequency observed with polyploids of this species that no homologies existed with any other species," it is only correct provided homology is interpreted in Dewey's sense, e.
When a number of such presumed homologies are combined into a phylogenetic analysis, a cladogram is identified in which the number of evolutionary origins of hypothesized homologies is minimized or in which their joint probability is maximized (as the sole criterion in "maximum parsimony" methods, or under additional a priori constraints in various other methods).
Congruence refers to correspondence of the homology in question to other putative or known homologies.