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The putative synapomorphies of Zoraptera + Acercaria are all reductions (number of Malpighian tubules, number of tarsomeres, and fusion of abdominal ganglia) (Hennig 1969, 1981; Kristensen 1981; but see Hunefeld 2007), and thus, difficult to homologize.
In short, the argument that I have made is that the fact that law and political discourse homologize motherhood and pregnancy may be facilitated by the fact that for many women the abortion decision falls within the spectrum of mothering decisions, but my argument does not rely on all women feeling this way.
At least some switchbacks and loops are consistent enough to homologize across theridiid genera (Agnarsson 2004).
Only IDDH, MPI-1, and 6-PGD were scored for all populations; I was unable to rerun individuals to homologize alleles for several other loci as apparently the homogenate had degraded.