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Coddington (1986) homologized individual loops and switchbacks in theridiosomatids and suggested the SDT could be an important new character system in spider systematics.
The scaphopod velum has been homologized with the lamellibranch bivalve velum.
Only patient attention of this sort will save the translation of a fu from lame redundancy and deadening monotony when faced, for instance, with a sequence of terms all identically glossed by traditional commentators as kao-ch[ddot{u}]n mao [CHINESE CHARACTERS NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (the semblance of lofty peaks) or shui-liu mao [CHINESE CHARACTERS NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (the semblance of rushing water), or the dozen different words helplessly defined as "blue" or "green" by standard dictionaries, or the several kinds of architectural structure normally but negligently homologized as "pavilion.
Similarly, de Queiroz and Wimberger (1993) have also suggested that behavioral characters may be too difficult to homologize and, further, that behavior may be so evolutionarily labile that it is unable to be homologized.
gertschi 18S gene were modeled using the primary sequence of the insert region plus the four complementary bases at each insertion site that could be homologized with the reference sequence and structure from Aphonopelma sp.