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The remote homology detection problem can also be understood by using the SCOP hierarchy (Structural Classification Of Proteins).
Partial sequence and homology search of Auricularia polytricha ITS region (575bp)
Even though these isolates do not share significant homology in the dendrogram, it strengthens the assumption that these two patients probably had patient-to-patient transmission of the same clone that may have changed over time.
Disentangling criminal profiling: Accuracy, homology and the myth of trait based profiling.
As k [right arrow] [infinity], the probability that a random open book representing an integeral homology sphere [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] has the following properties goes to one.
Ramachandran plots were finally obtained as homology model and template for quality assessment of 3D model.
In CP-PVX sequence homology of 80-82% was obtained with South American isolate when subjected to comparison with phylogenetically distinct group of PVX isolates while South American isolates had 88-100% homology within themselves.
1) The homology produced in the French courts during the trial of the Tarnac Nine between saboteur and terrorist is just as troubling as the one made in this country between environmentalist and terrorist.
1] introduce the simplicial homology groups of n-dimensional digital images.
Nucleotide homology of genes of influenza virus strain A/ waterfowl/Korea/S005/20l4 (H5N8) to the closest related influenza virus strains * Gene Closest related virus strain Nucleotide identity, % PB2 A/wild duck/Shandong/628/2011 (H5N1) 99 PB1 A/duck/Jiangsu/1-15/2011 (H4N2) 99 PA A/duck/Jiangsu/1-15/2011 (H4N2) 98 HA A/wild duck/Shandong/628/2011 (H5N1) 97 NP A/wild duck/Shandong/1/2011 (H5N1) 99 NA A/duck/Jiangsu/k1203/2010 (H5N8) 98 M A/duck/Jiangsu/1-15/2011 (H4N2) 99 NS A/duck/Jiangsu/1-15/2011 (H4N2) 99 * PB, polymerase basic subunit; PA, polymerase acidic subunit; HA, hemagglutinin; NP, nucleoprotein; NA, neuraminidase; M, matrix; NS, nonstructural.
Thus we once developed a two-phase homology search algorithm for siRNA off-target detection [29], In this two-phase algorithm, the phase 1 procedure is used to identify the local regions where an off-target homology is possible to exist.
Unfortunately, in most of the cases, the low resolution of homology models cannot overcome this problem.