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HONESTY. That principle which requires us to give every one his due. Nul ne doit slenrichir aux de ens du droit d'autrui.
     2. The very object of social order is to promote honesty, and to restrain dishonesty; to do justice and to prevent injustice. It is no less a maxim of law than of religion, do unto others as you wish to be done by.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"Now, as thou art so honest a fellow, and, withal, so much younger than I am, I will tell thee that which I have told to no man in all the world before, and thus thou mayst learn never again to do such a foolish thing as to trust to beggar's garb to guard thee against Robin Hood.
The name of Corn Engrosser leaves a nasty taste upon the tongue of all honest men.
Prince Naif said all government employees should be honest in all their dealings and works.
HONEST: captain Believe me, your natural instinct is to protect the dressing room and tell them when they're bad behind closed doors - but there are exceptions and Sunday was one of those games.
HONEST TEA PRODUCTS (8 oz) Calories Sugar(g) Assam Black Tea 17 5 Blackforest Berry 30 8 Community Green Tea 17 5 Green Dragon Tea 30 8 Half and Half w/Lemon Tea 48 12 Honey Green Tea 35 9 Just Green Tea 0 0 Lemon Black Tea 40 10 Mango Green Tea 40 10 Moroccan Mint Green Tea 17 5 Passion Fruit Green Tea 0 0 The Basics.
Honest Kombucha is a lightly sparkling beverage brewed with organic, Fair Trade Certified™ tea, raw culture and organic cane sugar for an effervescent blend of active enzymes, organic acids and polyphenols.
Burke first started to test the honest broker concept for the national security advisor in his 2005 article, "The Neutral/Honest Broker Role in Foreign Policy Decision Making," in Presidential Studies Quarterly.
This article provides a general overview of honest services fraud in the public sector.
A former SAS commander has accused the Government of failing to be honest to the military or the public about resources for British troops in Afghanistan.
If the court rejects "honest services" fraud, Conrad Black won't be the only convicted white collar criminal winning back his freedom -- and many people who will never be accused of any crime are likely to cheer a limitation on what's become almost standard federal prosecutorial overreaching.
Bush if he is proved not to be honest. "But if, God forbid, the extended hand has an honest appearance but contains no honesty in content, it will meet the same response the Iranian nation gave to Mr.