honest effort

See: good faith
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As the school quieted down Tom made an honest effort to study, but the turmoil within him was too great.
in my position) to love you, and, worse even than that, to own it, still the love has been innocent, and the effort to control it has been an honest effort at least.
I remembered how I worked with another boy, at odd afternoons stolen from study and paid for with stripes, to undermine and start from its bed an immense boulder that rested upon the edge of that hilltop; I remembered how, one Saturday afternoon, we gave three hours of honest effort to the task, and saw at last that our reward was at hand; I remembered how we sat down, then, and wiped the perspiration away, and waited to let a picnic party get out of the way in the road below--and then we started the boulder.
We know each other very well, --which of us has been just to himself and whether that which we teach or behold is only an aspiration or is our honest effort also.
future promised me the reward which had been denied to the honest efforts of a penitent woman.
Kashlaf offered his thankfulness to the people of Misurata for their warm reception and hospitality; praising the heroic tackling of brave battalions to the tyrant and his cronies emphazising that the conditions that prevailed in our beloved country today requires of us an honest effort dominated by loyalty to the homeland and loyalty to this noble people.
Marco Botti's juvenile produced a very honest effort, too, finishing second behind Donjuan Triumphant, with the third horse home never nearer.
I have put a real honest effort, put in whatever I have worked on in practice.
I make an honest effort and I am humbled by their support,'' Mr.
Sadly, despite honest effort and fancy footwork, Breakfast's conversion to film misses the goalposts by some distance.
Sabri said that his movement welcomes all honest effort conducive to solution of the dispute in Darfur and realization of peace in Sudan.
It's important that there be an honest effort to list the consequences of this vote, one way or another.