honest effort

See: good faith
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Her conviction, or at least her purpose, is optimistic, to show that by honest effort the sincere and high-minded man or woman may win happiness in the face of all difficulties and disappointments; but her own actual judgment of life was somber, not altogether different from that which Carlyle repudiated in 'The Everlasting Yea'; so that the final effect of her books, though stimulating, is subdued rather than cheerful.
As the school quieted down Tom made an honest effort to study, but the turmoil within him was too great.
in my position) to love you, and, worse even than that, to own it, still the love has been innocent, and the effort to control it has been an honest effort at least.
I remembered how I worked with another boy, at odd afternoons stolen from study and paid for with stripes, to undermine and start from its bed an immense boulder that rested upon the edge of that hilltop; I remembered how, one Saturday afternoon, we gave three hours of honest effort to the task, and saw at last that our reward was at hand; I remembered how we sat down, then, and wiped the perspiration away, and waited to let a picnic party get out of the way in the road below--and then we started the boulder.
We know each other very well, --which of us has been just to himself and whether that which we teach or behold is only an aspiration or is our honest effort also.
future promised me the reward which had been denied to the honest efforts of a penitent woman.
Nothing is impossible if you put in an honest effort," WAFA quoted Abbas as telling his guests.
If we can really achieve this, which we are trying to with our honest effort, it will be the first green course outside Muscat.
Marco Botti's juvenile produced a very honest effort, too, finishing second behind Donjuan Triumphant, with the third horse home never nearer.
We may fumble and commit mistakes but we promise an honest effort and a fair deal to everyone.
Perhaps most importantly, it is shown that even the most broken, painful relationships can be rebuilt with honest effort and discussion, something many find too uncomfortable to begin.
I have put a real honest effort, put in whatever I have worked on in practice.