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Nothing else is of any consequence; but I think that he has behaved most kindly and honorably throughout.
How can you, knowing as much as you do, a capable man moreover, and a man who conducts his business honorably, set examples of dishonesty to the canton?
At school she had always been honorably promoted, and never had her deportment report varied from one hundred per cent.
11, Food Lion stores will offer a 10 percent discount to active, retired and honorably discharged military personnel to show their support and appreciation for those who are serving or have served in the United States Armed Forces.
I look forward to my new responsibilities and in moving ahead with serving our veterans as honorably as they have served us.
He was born in Worcester, Mass and served his country honorably during WWII in the US Army Air Corp.
CiCi's Pizza, for example, launched the Patriot Program to offer all qualified, honorably discharged U.
However, the threats were anonymous and he does not suspect anyone since he has worked honorably.
armed forces for more than 178 consecutive days and who was honorably discharged or released.
Ramdeo Chankar Singh, 44, honorably discharged from the Army nine years ago, believes he is fully qualified to become a U.
Harbor Homes will use the donation for the development of housing for honorably discharged homeless veterans.
How or when a veteran is disabled should not be a concern of ours, as long as the veteran served honorably.