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During his tenure, Manjhi had announced his resolve to regularise the services of the contractual teachers and increase the honorarium of the Nyay Mitras.
SAJAAD KHAN, Middlesbrough * * * * * * HOW generous that the Chief Constable be given an honorarium, which is described in my dictionary as "a fee for professional services rendered".
Each winner gets $5,000, $3,000 of which goes to the nonprofit of his or her choice, and the other $2,000 as a personal honorarium.
Since 1988 he has also been on the faculty of architecture at the RWTH Aachen, and in 2000 was named an honorarium professor.
I asked what the money was for and she told me that it was an honorarium.
Disenchanting funeral honorarium of slow plodding death march rhythms and disemboweling vocals disseminate and rot the soul.
They offer a $100 honorarium, but that isn't really necessary.
Honorarium: The same treatment is accorded the $2,000 teaching honorarium.
The award is accompanied by the Beloit Prize, an honorarium endowed by the Beloit Corporation.
Barnett's fall college costs will now be covered by an honorarium from the Point Foundation, announced January 11.
All apparently went smoothly until last fall, when the attorney general's office investigated accusations that he had received a $1,000 honorarium from LearningStation, a content and technology vendor hired as part of the ASP project, and that he also took several out-of-state trips paid for by LearningStation.
On several occasions I have been asked to speak by nonprofit organizations whose budgets did not allow an honorarium.