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Dr Velu has already made an invaluable contribution to the promotion of our exports to India, and he has opened the doors to the entrepreneurs of the same business delegation in India as the honorary consul.
According to the co-operation agreement, nearly 70 Honorary Consuls in Bulgaria will be actively involved in the preparation and organisation of the Euro Presidency of Bulgaria.
The AOP's Honorary Associates are all people who will be ambassadors for eye health and optometry in Parliament.
It has conferred honorary doctorate degrees to foreign politicians, public experts, diplomats and scholars, working in the field of international relations and foreign policy.
An official of the Institute said here on Saturday that the honorary fellowship was conferred to Dr Rizvi at the annual congress of the College held at Washington DC, according to information reached here.
The Ministry of National Food Security and Research, government of Pakistan, had proposed to the UVAS, the name of the FAO Director General for the award of honorary PhD degree.
Jones, who captained Wales 33 times before announcing his retirement aged 34 last year, will receive an honorary MSc (Master of Science).
The University of Victoria has been handing out honorary degrees since its first convocation in 1964.
They will both be awarded the accolade of honorary doctor of science.
According to the information we have received from MyT [National Intelligence Organization], some countries need to renew their certificates of honorary consul in Turkey.
CHED has enhanced its policies and guidelines on the conferment of the said distinction to deserving individuals to further improve the "integrity, value, and meaning" of awarding honorary doctoral degrees by both public and private HEIs.
Peter Murray CBE, who founded the park 37 years ago and is its executive director was awarded an honorary degree by the University of York.