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In what is arguably the most innovative and important discussion of the book, chapter four, "Honor and Influence: The Legal Process," shows that in the law court of 'Ayntab local elites with honorific titles played a disproportionately large role as witnesses, whether as instrumental witnesses (shuhud al-hal), circumstantial witnesses ((udul), or informants.
Pope Paul VI reformed use of the honorific in 1968, reducing the number of ecclesiastical honors from 14 to three.
We should talk today of your loss to us Sayyid Hakim, while we are in a sensitive stage that is still critical," Maliki said in a speech using an honorific title for Hakim, making no overt references to Shiite politics.
The term Hadji is an honorific name given to those who have completed the pilgrimage to Mecca, but the term has been used as a derogatory reference to Muslims among some Americans.
Lee, having been in military settings for two-thirds of his life, was an unlikely candidate for the honorific "mister.
Heaney said: "Much about the David Cohen Prize makes it highly honorific.
Created to celebrate the art and artists of opera in America, the NEA Opera Honors are the first honorific for individuals bestowed by the National Endowment for the Arts in more than a quarter century.
In 1990, he added the double honorific "Sri Sri" to his name.
According to the Ministry of Justice, which administers city bids, achieving city status does not grant any additional powers or functions and is purely an honorific title.
The Advertising Standards Authority said it had received a complaint about the honorific, challenging whether McKeith was a qualified and accredited doctor and therefore entitled to use it.
In any case, the subject has two priorities over the object: (1) honorific priority and (ii) natural priority.
The short faces of the blocks are faced with palely veined white marble, which adds a suitably honorific touch, but their less prominent long sides are left as raw concrete.