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We honour Mary because God first honoured her by choosing her to be the Mother of Jesus
We honour Mary for her YES to God's invitation to become the Mother of our Saviour.
To Pluck Bright Honour From the Pale-Faced Moon': Gender and Honour in the Castle-haven Story.
In "Qualities Honours Students Look for in Faculty and Courses, Revisited," she and Offringa conclude from the surveys that honors students in the Netherlands, to a greater degree than their non-honors peers, seek not only academic competence but individual freedom combined with a sense of community.
In "The Reflective Professional Honours Programme of the Dutch Saxion Universities," Trijntje van Dijk describes the six characteristics that define the successful graduate of the honors program for professional students at the Saxion Universities of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands.
In the eight years since the original version of this study was published, a lot has changed in the Dutch honours landscape.
Although the body of knowledge is increasing, our insight into effective honours programmes has not developed at the same pace as has the number of honours programmes.
BA (Hons) Multimedia Product Design Harriet Alice Davies 2nd Class Honours, Division 2 Adam Benjamin Holloway 2nd Class Honours, Division 2 David Juan Trujols Shepherd 2nd Class Honours, Division 1 Sarah Ann Sturla 2nd Class Honours, Division 2 Daniel Winston 2nd Class Honours, Division 1 BA (Hons) Product Design