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HIS HONOR. A title given by the constitution of Massachusetts to the lieutenant governor of that commonwealth. Const. part 2, c. 2, s. 2, art. 1. It, is also customarily given to some inferior magistrates, as the mayor of a city.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Second, Peristiany and Pitt-Rivers speak of face-to-face conflicts; James uses the terms "violence," "self-assertive" behavior, "competitiveness of honour," and "thirst for esteem," which seems to me to be saying much the same thing (1986, 310-14).
We honour Mary in many ways, but we do it with the understanding that Mary's role in salvation history in no way hinders our relationship with Jesus but, on the contrary, fosters it.
Stewart argues against the "bipartite" theory of honour, according to which honour means two different things: inner honour which is equivalent to a set of "inner" qualities, usually virtues such as integrity and veracity, and outer honour which is equivalent to public reputation.
we have in these declining dayes, among so many proud Symeons, many humble Josephs, whose chiefest honour they make it to abase themselves on earth, to adde to their complement of glory in heaven, so much slighting the applause of men, as their only aime is to have a sincere and blamelesse conscience in them.
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BA (Hons) Secondary Education: Welsh (Leading to Qualified Teacher Status) Lowri Rhianydd Oliver 3rd Class Honours Annalie Mwynwyn Price 1st Class Honours Jacqueline Spiller 1st Class Honours David Thomas 2nd Class Honours, Division 1 Emyr Huw Thomas 2nd Class Honours, Division 1 BA (Hons) Secondary Education: Drama (Leading to Qualified Teacher Status)
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