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The First Modern Society: Essays in English History in Honour of Lawrence Stone.
We honour Mary in many ways, but we do it with the understanding that Mary's role in salvation history in no way hinders our relationship with Jesus but, on the contrary, fosters it.
We honour Mary because God first honoured her by choosing her to be the Mother of Jesus
Once this had been done the man of honour could withdraw only at the expense of the diminishment involved in dishonour" (339).
To Pluck Bright Honour From the Pale-Faced Moon': Gender and Honour in the Castle-haven Story.
Professional Writing at York University: Honours Writing in Canadian Context" FYHC: First-Year Honors Composition 2 (Summer/Fall 2011).
Qualities Honours Students Look for in Faculty and Courses.
While these values are not intrinsic to the definition of honours in the UK, Lamb suggests that they are often present if one looks beneath the surface.
BA (Hons) Fine Art Elizabeth Louise Ault 2nd Class Honours, Division 1 Elanna Sian Bainbridge 1st Class Honours Rachel Anne Bennett 1st Class Honours Nicola Yvonne Beverley 2nd Class Honours, Division 1 Natalia Angela Bianco 2nd Class Honours, Division 1
In the eight years since the original version of this study was published, a lot has changed in the Dutch honours landscape.
BA (Hons) Multimedia Product Design Harriet Alice Davies 2nd Class Honours, Division 2 Adam Benjamin Holloway 2nd Class Honours, Division 2 David Juan Trujols Shepherd 2nd Class Honours, Division 1 Sarah Ann Sturla 2nd Class Honours, Division 2 Daniel Winston 2nd Class Honours, Division 1 BA (Hons) Product Design