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The only purpose these elections would serve is to consolidate New Delhi's control over the territory and to hoodwink the international community by projecting polls as peoples' verdict in favour of India," he pointed out.
Three men have been convicted of using numerous consignments of high-value mobile phones and a mountain of bogus documents to "blatantly" hoodwink the taxman out of "gigantic" sums of VAT.
And he even managed to hoodwink his own mother and wife into not recognising him after a make-over on RTE's spoof show Anonymous.
They foment fear, manipulate a compliant media, then hoodwink a misinformed or uninformed electorate into buying it.
POKER FACE: A show w here you can know nothing, hoodwink everyone and still walk away with pounds 1 million.
In a March 17 story based on a videotape of Treglia's presentation, Sager described how "Pew and other left-wing foundations plotted to create a fake grassroots movement to hoodwink Congress.
Of course not, because all that Duchess and Consort stuff is to hoodwink us.
Instead, government officials at the highest level are incompetents, or liars, or murderous anti-democratic conspirators out to hoodwink every single American and violate the Constitution.
government has joined with timber company executives to hire international public relations giant Burson-Marsteller (whose other clients have included Romania's late despot Nicolai Ceausescu, the government of Kuwait, Exxon, Union Carbide, and other pillars of the community) to organize a massive, partially tax-funded public relations campaign to counter this concern by discrediting groups like Greenpeace - in effect, using taxpayer's money to hoodwink the taxpayers.
Phar-Mor has charged that its fired president and chief financial officer, whom the board now claims are 'crooks,' engaged in acts of fraud and embezzlement with sufficient skill to hoodwink David Shapira, its chief executive officer and treasurer, and his management team who were regularly on the premises of the company.
But Dunkin's claims are sure to hoodwink millions into believing that "no cholesterol" means "no fat" or, worse yet, "healthy.
HOODWINK Released in 2007, he stabbed and killed Edna, 70, at his flat in Tuebrook, Merseyside in 2010.