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On the show, which pulled in 352,000 viewers last week, Doherty also attempts to hoodwink snooker ace Alex Higgins.
What change you have brought till now and now claiming to transform country in 100 days, question ANP leader adding the PTI chairman new formula was nothing but a hoodwink to get people votes in upcoming general elections.
Gadsby's uncle last night accused senior medics of letting him "hoodwink" them into believing he was safe.
He said that the nation will never forgive Imran Khan and Sheikh Rasheed who tried to hoodwink the people through their slogans and claims.
It is unfortunate that the Congress has betrayed the nation, tried to hoodwink the nation," he added.
SIR - Does the Chancellor believe he can hoodwink the public, or perhaps he is not very good with sums?
For his latest role, he at least gets to appear human on screen although his character in Sugarhouse, Hoodwink, is every bit as monstrous.
Too often horrific crimes are the actions of violent men and evil sex perverts, who seem to continually hoodwink parole boards and soft judges into letting them out of prison too soon.
It is outrageous that Shell, Texaco and McDonald's - which allows antennae to be fixed on restaurant walls - have conspired with the mobile phone companies to hide these masts and, in effect, hoodwink the public they say they care for so much.
He said that India cannot longer hoodwink the world by creating fuss of terrorism according to its own will to maintain its illegal occupation on IOK.
'The way innocent people are murdered in cold blood in the past few months by the forces, India is now enacting this ceasefire drama to hoodwink the international community,' she added.
'However it is wrong to hoodwink the tribal people with false hopes and vague promises,' he said.