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Hoodwinked is released on Monday from Momentum Pictures, priced pounds 19.
As bright and breezy as Hoodwinked may be, there is an absence of visual invention.
And many rites were spoiled by this mania for jettisoning everything from the past and of rebuilding everything from top to bottom, as though the Church had, until today, hoodwinked and misled us.
One reason for the surprising level of public outrage at Enron's executives and board is the humiliation investors and journalists feel at being hoodwinked.
MOTOR maestro Eddie Irvine was hoodwinked by a couple of ladies who were after more than a night of passion.
In a much later text, the angels around God's throne - who understand only Hebrew - must be hoodwinked by mortals' recitation of the kaddish in Aramaic, so that they will not realize God's woundedness; for God too is a mourner ("every man's death diminishes God," Wieseltier says), and the opening words "magnified and sanctified" are meant to restore and console him.
Senator Jon Kyl, Republican of Arizona, charged that voters in his state had been hoodwinked into supporting his state's measure by deceptive advertising.
was going to hoodwink the people of Balochistan, adding that people would not be hoodwinked by him (Imran).
A terrific battle is anticipated in the second heat where Holland's Ballydoyle Honey will come up against Owen McKenna's speedster Farloe Hunter as well as the Matthews-owned Leave At Dawn, a comrade to Hoodwinked.
Whatever you think of the rights and wrongs of the Iraq war, it is indisputable that Blair hoodwinked the British public to embark on what turned out to be a disastrous war for both us and the Iraqis, all at the behest of George Bush.
IT is unbelievable how Jimmy Savile hoodwinked people in high places with his way of covering up and held people with his threats.