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A higher percentage of walleyes were deeply hooked when caught using passive (50.4 percent) than active (9.3 percent) techniques, and deeply hooked walleyes had higher mortality (14.8 percent) than shallow hooked fish (3.0 percent).
A bite was defined as a strike that resulted in the shark taking the bait but not being hooked. An event was not recorded if the captain or mate could not confirm that it was a shark bite.
Coincidentally, the commercial fisheries' penchant for using them is borne of that same desire recreational fishers have to retain fish on the line once hooked. Study after study has revealed that the science of a circle hook means that fish will almost always be hooked in either the jaw or maxillary, or the skin of the mouth, and deep hooking is rare.
After reading this definition, participants were asked "Since beginning college, how many times have you "hooked up"?" Those who provided a non-zero response to this question were classified as having hooked up during the initial transition to college.
Get Hooked on Fishing, a charity which uses angling as a method to empower and educate young people, is launching a new identity that it hopes will hook in more Midlands businesses to support its growth plans.
1 : to bend in the shape of a hook <He hooked his thumbs in his belt.>
HOOKED ON JAMES: Former Springbok Franco Smith is a big fan of James Hook (above); BIG FAN: Smith (right)
In "Modern Hooked Rugs", needlecraft historian and expert Linda Rae Coughlin has created a compendium of 540 rugs crafted by 292 of the very best contemporary rug hooking artists.
HOOKED ON RUGS: OUTSTANDING CONTEMPORARY DESIGNS covers rug hooking, portraying over five hundred examples of different rug hooking projects in full color photos and gathering the works of modern hooking artists from all over the US and Canada.
The radome has a delicate scanner inside and improper handling will damage it, especially if the sling is not hooked up correctly.
I use up old, worn out 100% wool suits and/or skirts that have been dyed, washed and cut into strips and hooked on burlap, linen, rug warp or monk's cloth.
If you hooked up devices, it's time to hook up the one user.