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Redescription of Unio gibbus Spengler, 1793, a west Palaearctic freshwater mussel with hookless glochidia.
12 (2013) (listing endangered and threatened wildlife and plants to include the Alabama beach mouse, Arizona cliff-rose, California tiger salamander, Colorado hookless cactus, Florida panther, Hawaii akepa, Northern Idaho ground squirrel, Kentucky cave shrimp, Louisiana black bear, Oregon chub, Mississippi sandhill crane, Michigan monkey-flower, Missouri bladderpod, Tennessee yellow-eyed grass, Texas blind salamander, Utah prairie dog, Virginia sneezeweed, and Wyoming toad).
Focus Products' brands include AMCO Houseworks, Swing-A-Way, Back to Basics, West Bend, Chicago Metallic and Hookless.
The Uinta Basin is an arid environment that supports several unique and rare species of plants, like the Uinta Basin Hookless Cactus.
Tayatea were captured predominantly through the use of ring nets (mesh size, 5 cm) and hookless strings baited with fish, depending on the depth and turbidity of the water.
Personal-use crab and shrimp fishing can include ring nets, dip nets, diving gear and hooked or hookless handlines, or traditional baited crab pots.
The presence of hooks typical for echinococci was not mentioned, and the parasite was placed in a subgroup with hookless tapeworms.
This new release is a hookless, push-in model with a glossy black finish.