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Hookless Shower Curtain Package, a Focus Products Group, LLC product
Its portfolio of well-recognized brands includes Chicago Metallic (TM), Amco Houseworks, Back to Basics, Crescent, Hookless, Swing-A-Way and West Bend - brands that are relied upon for their high quality, cutting-edge design and durability.
Even in those states where only three hooks per rod are permitted, however, it is legal to fish the Alabama Rig and its imitators by simply using hooks on three of the lures, hookless teasers on the other snap-swivels.
As it turns out, Kaylee was referring to the front page photo of her brother, Mitch, in the local "Gadsden Times" tossing a hookless lure to a bull's eye target.
Cysticerci are released, attach to the small intestine by b) a hookless head and grow unto adult worms up to 10 meters long in 3 months, c) Each segment of the worm (proglottid) has male and female sexual organs and is capable of producing over 1,000 eggs.
A new hookless shower curtain, licensed by CHF Industries, represents the first new technology in the shower curtain industry in a very long time, said Joan Karron, executive vice president at CHF.
The object of CastingKids is to hit a 42-inch-wide bull's-eye target with a hookless lure by casting from 30 feet, pitching from 20 feet, and flipping from 10 feet away.