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12 mm, the antesepalous ones free; anthers sublinear, 5-6 mm long, base sagittate, apex obtuse and bearing an conspicuous bifid- caudate, hooklike apiculous, dorsifixed at 1/3 of its length above the base; pollen globose, inconspicuously porate, exine psilate; style ca.
Chelicera: fixed finger with a small basal rise and a rounded tip, ventral edge straight (although two specimens had a slight ventral concavity) with no apparent hooklike terminus; the mesal ventral groove a small, shallow apical cup; movable finger with large primary tooth, smaller anterior tooth, 1-2 intermediate teeth, the posterior being separated from primary tooth.
Supremely maneuverable, armed with hooklike teeth, and equipped with eyes designed for underwater vision and whiskers that detect the slightest aquatic movements, an otter is a lethal predator.