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Other types of hooky work, too, of course (witness my Chapter 5 miracle)--but some are best avoided.
Hooky pulls the vocals off, roaring magnificently during this serious no-nonsense rout.
If he hadn't been a musician, Hooky says he'd have done something much more down to earth.
While Hooky, Mike (Phillips) and Lee were in Poland only for a small time, they were there and upped their input to the sessions particularly well.
PLAY HOOKY While you're in Oaxaca, ascend the ruins of the ancient city of Monte Alban for spectacular vistas of Oaxaca Valley.
Following an interesting cast of odd critters, Velicity Goes To The City On A School Day carries young readers through a fun story as the Velicity finds herself caught playing hooky by her school principal Lo Man.
FACED WITH rising fuel costs and flat school budgets, a Kentucky county has begun playing hooky one day a week.
However, this hooky toggle on a single chord aptly does show Kravitz's honest blend of the sacred and the profane.
Tracks like "She's So Lovely" and "Trouble" typify said formula, with melodic vocals that crescendo into sing-along choruses and hooky guitar licks that intermingle with soaring power chords.
The Hook Norton Brewery of the Oxfordshire region will be sending its Best Bitter, Generation and Old Hooky brands to the U.
It's another thing to write a really heavy song that's hooky.