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Otter Tail invested in pollution controls to enable Hoot Lake to comply with the federal Environmental Protection Agency's new Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS) rule that took effect in mid-April.
The IP-based BT Enterprise Hoot and Intercom capability is intended to allow traders and other users within the trade cycle to use hoot and intercom functionality, from various devices, to communicate.
I really don't think the FA give a flying hoot what I think.
Wonders debuts in the new Hurston/Wright anthology The Hoot & Holler of the Owls.
Any horseback rider will recognize Hoot training methods, implements, and skills.
1 Vincent Gallo 1962-1999 (Petit Grand Publishing, Tokyo) Last June in Paris, I picked up Vincent Gallo 1962-1999, which set me hooting for hours in the beautiful city where nobody ever hoots (a shame, since the French are such a hoot).
When caretakers arrive with food, the animals first hoot and jump about in a kind of dance.
They readily hoot back from as close as six feet when they hear our tape recordings, and they easily accept a mouse (which contains a tiny, swallowable, $500 radio transmitter for location tracking).
LAST year's Big Hoot owl hunt across the city was such a success it is set for a comeback in 2017 - but this time with sun bears
The benches have been placed across the city, echoing last year's successful Big Hoot owl trail.
Hoot Creative Arts, an arts and health organisation in Huddersfield, works with adults with mental health needs alongside a committed team of experienced community artists.