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At our first event other musicians who worked at Hoot and myself performed, because some of us were playing in bands and we thought it would be a good way to raise awareness.
Surprisingly, owls responded to calls mimicking heavy males by lowering their own hoots.
For that owl species, how many more owl hoots were recorded in 1997 compared with 1995?
When you hoot you are remonstrating with someone and that's how to start road rage.
In a written statement, Hoots asserted that "Nate's action speaks well for his personal integrity," and "reveals that sportsmanship is alive and well in the CS8 Conference.
Their leader is Heron, Charley's father, whom Charley has long idolized--based on a picture--but doesn't meet until the Wilds stage a raid on the Hoot town where Charley lives, kill quite a few Hoots, and liberate the Tames.
Last but not least, The Hoot Hoots have enriched the Big House Publishing catalog with strong “fuzzy” sing-along pop tunes straight from the Seattle scene.
Tests in which recorded hoots were played back to owls showed owls responded to calls by heavy males by lowering their own hoots.
Hoots the ornamental owl used by staff at Birmingham Snow Hill Station to scare off pigeons has been stolen.
BETWEEN THE LINES: This demagogic move should have elicited nothing but hoots of derision.
Gives teen girls a fresh resource through hoots, TV, and the Web