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It has been a standard Yankee ethic to prepare for the worst and hope for the best.
It looks as if Cameron's dance moves are modelled on his approach to leading the opposition - just flail around aimlessly and hope for the best.
I'm just going to put the lineup together and hope for the best,'' Hart girls' coach Gina McCarthy said.
We tend to just punt the ball up to Owen and hope for the best.
Monty's Fancy disappointed me a bit over hurdles earlier in the year but we'll go back hurdling with him now and hope for the best.
Rather than refer the client to a bank or mortgage broker and hope for the best, CPA's can now play a crucial role in ensuring that the borrower is obtaining the right mortgage at the right price.
Now's the time to sit back and enjoy it and hope for the best.
Bankies manager Ian McCall said: "Everyone knows about the pitch problems and we will simply hope for the best.
He'll run on Sunday and we'll just hope for the best," said McNamara yesterday.

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