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By her he had a hopeful brood of half-breed sons, of whom Pierre was one.
Yet even now Tess felt the pulse of hopeful like still warm within her; she might be happy in some nook which had no memories.
Bencomb, who had just come for the second time, took a more hopeful view, and Mrs.
It had given me a pang to hear him sob and see the tears start out between his fingers, but that was infinitely less affecting to me than the hopeful animation with which he said these words.
Stroeve went twice a day to the hospital to enquire after his wife, who still declined to see him; and came away at first relieved and hopeful because he was told that she seemed to be growing better, and then in despair because, the complication which the doctor had feared having ensued, recovery was impossible.
In his guise of a French gentleman of leisure, Werper found little difficulty in deceiving his host and in ingratiating himself with both Tarzan and Jane Clayton; but the longer he remained the less hopeful he became of an easy accomplishment of his designs.
We have met with no success here, though that old hag who called herself Til seemed overanxious to bargain for the future information she seemed hopeful of being able to give us.
While I was still hard at work sharpening my faculties and disciplining my energies in this way, an accident befell the doctor, on the possibility of which I had not dared to calculate, even in my most hopeful moments.
In that fond persuasion they now parted--too eagerly devoted to Emily to look at the prospect before them in its least hopeful aspect.
For my sake, dear, if not for your own," she continued, in gentler and tenderer tones, "try to be more reasonable and more hopeful.
You are young and loving, and generous and hopeful.
Read it when you are sad or happy or lonely or discouraged or hopeful," he said gravely.