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I'm hopeful that we will continue with our winning streak in limited over cricket,' the opening batsman added.
Aziz Ansari's heartfelt exploration of modern-day love will leave you wistful and hopeful at the same time.
Antonio Devries, a music promoter, said: "I wrote Hopeful and it is a story of the struggles I've faced in my life.
The Russian central bank is hopeful that inflation will drop in the country despite its action in Ukraine.
When comparing the demographic groups that answered the question about the future that awaits them and their families, the data reveals that men are a little more hopeful than women, just as illiterates and those with graduate degrees are also more hopeful than others.
I'm hopeful that his manager will say: 'Did you enjoy it?
We are hopeful that President Barack Obama's tough talking to Nawaz Sharif will have impact on the ground.
Another visa hopeful inquired if he would be allowed to live in Portugal if he sailed, not flew, to the country without a passport.
Summary: X Factor hopefuls sang before their auditions at the ExCel London and spoke about their hopes for the competition.
The long overdue success of Pertemps Hurdle hopeful Rivage D'Or at Naas on Sunday earns him a 7lb hike to a mark of 128.
He said that he is hopeful of the scenario because of economic recovery and increasing borrowings.