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But we all knew that deep within that silence was a great hopefulness for this country, a great hopefulness for Indigenous people--a kind of hopefulness such as they have not experienced for a long, long time--and a great sense of hopefulness for the church itself.
Promote this title to readers who have experienced grief themselves or who simply enjoy reading about loss; they may find Tamsen's story to be quite cathartic and encouraging, particularly the unconventional way that her support group works through the steps of grief and the hopefulness found in the book's conclusion.
adults rank student engagement and hopefulness for their children's future as far more important than standardized test results as a measure of a school's effectiveness, according to this year's 47th annual PDK/Gallup Poll of the Public's Attitudes Toward the Public Schools (pdkpoll.
I have the right to maintain a sense of hopefulness however changing its focus may be.
Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP) for people with mental illness reduces psychiatric symptoms and increases hopefulness and quality of life, according to a 2011 study.
Marsh paints a moving portrait not only of illness, but also of a relationship's demise, as she charts the journey from the hopefulness of the couple's early years together to the dark days of their marriage.
see, the simple eternal hopefulness of facts reversing in an almost
Bury generates these stories for the new millennium in order to overcome cynicism with reasonable hopefulness while suggesting practical measures we can take to make life better for ourselves and for everyone in the world.
Hopefulness improves the likelihood that responders will take positive steps to alleviate crisis situations.
In fact, this mutual interest becomes increasingly multi-faceted, and is the factor that allows us to look into the future of Ukrainian-Macedonian cooperation with confidence and hopefulness.
Not even that early blow will dent the hopefulness that flows through my veins for their are plenty of other races ahead.
Wales has such a rich cultural heritage and such a beautiful language, so I want this show to communicate not only the burning pain of loss, but also the hopefulness of reigniting a country's future".