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Nick, the hero of Francis Gideon's terrific new contemporary romance novel Hopeless Romantic, finds himself head over heels for Katie, a trans woman who teaches him there's more to love than conventional labels.
She said Paramalingam's claim had been hopeless but it meant that plans for his deportation to Sri Lanka had to be rearranged.
Now I'm a firm believer that children are born hopeless, how can a child think of hope, they have to be taught hope, given hope, shown hope.
Burke's Masculinities and Other Hopeless Causes at an All-Boys Catholic School, masculinity is closely examined in a single-gendered, religious environment.
On Radio Wales today in the midday phone in, Leanne Wood, a courageous woman of vision and principle, prepared to take on the hopeless, One Nation Tory Labour Party in its heartland in the Rhondda.
We need to turn Wales into the Singapore of Europe, to get rid of the hopeless chains and shackles of the union with England and take control of our own destiny.
He's always been a hopeless romantic and always in love.
2 : offering no hope <The situation looks hopeless.
These are not appeals and they are certainly not hopeless.
Betting against a guilty conscience is hopeless for anyone seeking peace, but getting settled into this debut novel leaves little comfort for anyone who refuses to see truth in love and family ties.
When one looks hopeless, the author shifts to another.