hopeless failure

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Don't squander the gold of your days, listening to the tedious, trying to improve the hopeless failure, or giving away your life to the ignorant, the common, and the vulgar.
With the jihadist violence snowballing into an insurgency in Europe alongside the hopeless failure of the Arab Spring and the growing anti-Islamist sentiment across the globe it seems that liberals in the media and academia are on the lookout for another good global battle.
Yet Jack had a brilliant career in management, whereas Bobby was a hopeless failure at it.
The Italian was neither a roaring success nor a hopeless failure during his time at the England helm but he has an impressive managerial cv and it would not be the greatest surprise if he presided over an improvement in Russia's fortunes.
These experiments on monkeys are destined to be yet another cruel and hopeless failure.
It legitimises itself by offering forms of consumption that advertise, arrogantly and foolishly, the hopeless failure of all previous societies.
But it's too early to pronounce the new season for originals a hopeless failure because colder weather and the switch to daylight saving time early in November invariably keep more people home, perched in front of their TV sets.
And once inside the theatre, it became abundantly clear that cricket fans enjoy analysing hopeless failure almost as much as they do basking in the glory of success.
What editor has not had a star political reporter storm into the office deriding the old news editor whose hopeless failure to appreciate political coverage is robbing every story of the play it deserves?
It will, of course, take a lot more to regain the faith lost following last year''s hopeless failure.
After visiting Georgia on numerous occasions I discovered I'm a perfectionist - so even a little "naughty" food moment means I instantly feel like a hopeless failure, have ruined a diet and I abandon it.
Talk to your fellow Liverpool fans about the transfer deals they deem to be 'questionable' and I'll bet any player named was a hopeless failure in a red shirt.