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Since the estate has substantial creditors running into hundreds of millions of pounds, it is hopelessly insolvent," he said.
And they could only be seen by those who are "fit for their position and by those who are not hopelessly stupid.
Martina's performance was a little unconvincing as she seemed more like a teacher trying to convince pupils she was cool once rather than playing a former superstar Hopelessly Devoted BIRMINGHAM REP REVIEW music producer.
Now picture gorgeous Katherine Heigl as Hopelessly Single Hottie and alpha male Gerard Butler as Hopelessly Stubborn Hunk.
After following a large, majestic hart into the woods, she becomes hopelessly lost and meets the dark, handsome personification of Death.
Yale University Press has produced many beautiful books, but this one is spoiled not only by Tafuri's impossibly impenetrable writing, but by the many dim, hopelessly distorted, and often fuzzy black-and-white photographs of which the most horrible are those of the circular courtyard of the Palace of Charles V at Granada (104), Granada Cathedral (114, 118, 119, 120), and the great chapel in San Salvador at Ubela (123): they should have been rejected out of hand and decent photographs commissioned.
That's because last week's trade moved Maddux from the Cubs, a team hopelessly out of the playoff race, to the Dodgers, who entered Monday two games of the first place in the National League West.
Thus, while three of the most talked about and widely seen Canadian movies of the past year--David Cronenberg's Crash, Lynne Stopkewich's Kissed and now Atom Egoyan's The Sweet Hereafter--are hopelessly entangled in an infatuation with the impact of death on the living, the physical fact of death is pretty well irrelevant.
He rails hopelessly against the world's ugliness and sorrow in "Some Thoughts on War and Human Ugliness":
Yet the authors conclude that "companies in industries that were being written off as hopelessly mature, hopelessly competitive or doomed were able to quickly identify new ways to look at their markets, new ways to serve customers and new ways to create solutions for which they could be paid.
What he says now is that the case officers who represent the vast majority of the CLA2s spies are in fact hopelessly unsuited to effective espionage.
The Inter-American Development Bank, while not an official agency of the UN, nevertheless is a reliable sidekick to the UN-affiliated multilateral lending agencies, the IMF and World Bank, which virtually dictate policy to Latin America's hopelessly indebted and bankrupt countries.