hopelessly lost

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Then, as soon as he recovered his breath a little, he shook the snow out of his boots and out of his left-hand glove (the right-hand glove was hopelessly lost and by this time probably lying somewhere under a dozen inches of snow); then as was his custom when going out of his shop to buy grain from the peasants, he pulled his girdle low down and tightened it and prepared for action.
He looked at me with a sort of condescending concern and compassion, as though he thought it a great pity that such a sensible young man should be so hopelessly lost to evangelical pagan piety.
Running rapidly down first one and then another of them I soon became hopelessly lost and was standing panting against a side wall when I heard voices near me.
I must have gone about a mile before the truth dawn upon me--I was lost, hopelessly lost.
He had had no intention of running away until he saw that he was hopelessly lost were he to remain.
His expressive action would be hopelessly lost upon her, and what could he do?
Her horse had traveled all day without food or water, night was approaching and with it a realization that she was hopelessly lost in a wild and trackless country notorious principally for its tsetse flies and savage beasts.
After the game, we got hopelessly lost looking for our lift and a complete stranger put us in his car and drove us to the car park.
After the game we got hopelessly lost looking for our lift and a complete stranger, put us in his car and drove us to the car park.
Hopelessly lost in space, Gyro has an idea, an inkling about how to use his programming experience to rescue the ship, but a mutiny erupts on board, making survival a race against time as their food supply runs out.
Within minutes Geoff, 63, was hopelessly lost in the 900 square mile Jardine River National Park, at the northern tip of Australia.
I was four years old and got hopelessly lost - this may have been a bit extreme but it encouraged me to be independent and develop a sense of adventure" Sir Richard Branson "No longer am I the Duchess of Pork or Fat Frumpy Fergie" The Duchess of York, below, on her battle with weight "Women should have a choice and be allowed to express that choice if they do not want to get their breasts out" Actress Ruth Wilson, on the rights of her colleagues if they are averse to doing topless scenes "Always leave the party when you're sober - I don't mean sober - I mean don't be the last to leave the party" Actor Hugh Bonneville, saying it would be a mistake to prolong the Downton Abbey series "The party is walking eyes shut, arms outstretched, over the cliff's edge to the jagged rocks below.