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The burnoose covered the hairy body so that Jane Clayton believed that a human arm supported her, and from the extremity of hopelessness a great hope sprang into her breast that at last she was in the keeping of a rescuer.
The watcher saw the creature take its prisoner by the arm and lead it back to the enclosure, and even across the distance that separated them from him he could note dejection and utter hopelessness in the bearing of the prisoner, and, too, he was half convinced that it was a woman, perhaps a red Martian of his own race.
An expression of pain, and hopelessness, and sorrow swept across his features.
Trent, carried away for a moment by an impulse of pity, felt only disappointment at the hopelessness of his task.
He was beginning to recognize the hopelessness of his task.
But now he had seen that world, possible and real, with a flower of a woman called Ruth in the midmost centre of it; and thenceforth he must know bitter tastes, and longings sharp as pain, and hopelessness that tantalized because it fed on hope.
It was not until he became convinced of the hopelessness of his love affair that he acceded to our wishes and went back to his father.
The utter hopelessness that was reflected in his face must have been the counterpart of what I myself felt, but in that brief instant I determined to hide my own misgivings that I might bolster up the courage of the others.
Those words showed Sir Patrick the utter hopelessness of shaking her prejudice against Anne.
Without moving and being part of the yeast there would be no hopelessness.
And again every detail of his quarrel with his wife was present to his imagination, all the hopelessness of his position, and worst of all, his own fault.
All memory of the past, all thought of the future, all sense of the falseness and hopelessness of my own position, lay hushed within me into deceitful rest.