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The second, the ER3X, is equipped, in addition to the vertical and horizontal axis, with a third rotating axis, 0[degrees]-180[degrees], to turn parts for A-B stacking or other purposes.
Again, in the Select Data Source dialog box, in the Horizontal Axis Labels section, click the Edit button.
Widescreen format takes into account the fact that human peripheral vision is pronounced more on the horizontal axis than on the vertical axis.
The allowed claims include the eyewear's ability to establish a Zone of Safety around the safety glass user, including monitoring and reporting surrounding hazardous biometric conditions, using a wide variety of sensors, the horizontal axis, and movement or lack thereof of the eyewear wearer, and the ability to report those potentially harmful conditions to both the eyewear user and remote locations, wirelessly.
Students should be able to: (i) explain why we had to wait more than 30 minutes for the average household (that is, the mean is greater than the median for positively skewed distributions of income), (ii) discuss the impact on the height of parade participants if we had considered individual incomes instead of household incomes, and (iii) prepare a graph that relates minutes (into the hour-long parade) on the horizontal axis and the height of the income recipients on the vertical axis.
The figures along the horizontal axis represent the percentage chance of a team winning a match.
In addition to more outdoor space, workers will find the interior of the new facility more democratic and less hierarchical, with offices laid out on a horizontal axis.
Each fiber channel is then registered at a separate vertical location on the detector as its spectral information is registered on the horizontal axis.
It generates power from three separate horizontal axis turbines on a common frame.
On the horizontal axis is the total genetic difference between a pair.
They cover the wind resource, aerodynamics of horizontal axis and wind turbines, design loads for horizontal axis wind turbines, the conceptual design of horizontal axis wind turbines, component design, the controller, installation and wind farms, wind energy and the electric power system, and offshore wind turbines and wind farms.
Suitable for 20- to 27-ton excavators, the EX80 replaces the excavator's bucket and works by rotating on a horizontal axis continuously through 360 degrees.

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