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Adults' performance on horizontality tasks: Conflicting frames of reference.
I couldn't help noting that the dancers' pursuit of exponential horizontality had a way of letting sprawl, so to speak, in thru the backdoor.
The small firms in this study show a high degree of horizontality at both 2 and 3-digit SIC code levels.
17) Putting it in such a manner, as Phillipson does, direct horizontality comes under attack from common law traditionalists, who have an instinctive aversion to it.
Like the trail of a jet engine across the sky, searing white walls accentuate the building's immaculate horizontality.
This device, which relieves the strong horizontality of the building, sports irregularly spaced small windows near the street and a surprise appearance above through a large aperture in the cantilevered mass of the parking garage within.
This relentless horizontality reinforces Baudelaire's new emphasis on memory as the vehicle for recuperating esthetic experience.
With its rectilinear geometries, expressive horizontality, and sleek industrial and fire-resistant materials--including concrete panels, corrugated aluminum, and galvanized steel beams and railings--the structure soars out over the slope like a sort of hovercraft of habitation.
It is mainly used in forklift trucks, cranes and other construction equipment, leveling devices for measuring horizontality on construction sites and measuring systems (artificial horizons) in aircraft.
The drawing's insistent horizontality is counterbalanced by a sculpture by Ida Ekblad, And after that she ZZzleeepy (2016), in which a pile of stools is crowned by a towering antenna of wire mesh (Fig.
He adds: "WPP can have horizontality but at the end they are organised into global businesses.
The horizontality of the buildings plays off the vertical thrust of the Eiffel Tower a short distance away.