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With the growth of the network, it was produced a kind of "impersonality" of support, emerging as a very potent care device, because it can be exercised by all with each other, in an increasingly present horizontality.
This underlying trend towards horizontality was compounded by a set of institutions for regional IGR, such as the Western Premiers Conference and the Council of Atlantic Premiers, among others.
Its optimality supposes not eliminating this disparity in favor of absolute horizontality but maintaining it while keeping it under control, both through the emergence of new hubs and submitting existing ones to the need for continuous legitimation.
It provided a space of encounter that allowed for new social relations to develop based on an affective politics of horizontality, opening up new potentials in what Lefebvre describes as a push towards 'the possible'.
However, in this project, the field of insertion occupies the horizontality of the site in its entirety.
The most important constituents of modern national consciousness are simultaneity and horizontality which, in the theory of Anderson, are generated and maintained by such products of "print-capitalism" as the books and newspapers printed in vernaculars.
A well as the homogeneity as distinguished from the horizontality includes the indirect dependence between the participants of agricultural and food market of the same industry.
It was like thinking about the significance of standing versus the significance of sitting, the ethics of the vertical versus the ethics of the horizontal, the bad morality of the picture window, dissolute in horizontality.
The horizontality of the tubes does not act favorably on the liquid flow driven by gravity.
Both spaces become the stage for an ever-developing series of contrasts embodied by the characters (gestures versus speech, spoken versus written communication, reality versus fiction, old versus new, horizontality versus verticality).
6) But Jones is not simply a matter of the indirect horizontal application of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms; (7) that horizontality is supplemented by an appeal to another overarching principle which underpins tort law itself: corrective justice.
Counterpoint prefers horizontality, with its synchronic movement of parts.